Meet The Wyrdos

Meet our experienced and knowledgeable team of tattoo artists and body piercers.


Our Tattooists


Hilly (BA Hons Art and design)

Hilly’s tattooing career in Milton Keynes spans for over 20 years. Her areas of expertise are nature and wildlife designs, a remnant of her time as an RSPB artist.

Celtic knot work along with Polynesian and tradition tribal designs come in a close second. She has also been known to try her hand at her own original prehistoric Tribal patterns.

A master at freehand tattooing (tattooing straight onto the skin with no design either stencilled or drawn), she, however, is happy to draw on your skin to achieve a completely original design.

Old Skool, New Skool, Lettering or Football badges, she loves tattooing it all. Her fine line work has an edge due to a previous job as a Chinoiserie restorer.

Hilly relishes the challenge of cover-ups where she believes that the old design should be fully covered by the new to the extent that it looks like an original design.



Tom has been tattooing at studios around Milton Keynes since 2010.

His passion and knowledge of comic book art has seeped into his tattoo work. With his eye for art, he loves designing off the wall artwork.

He is the brains behind Tattuesday: any new customer will receive a great deal for their tattoo. He is also known for charging only £45 per hour for Tribal tattoos.


Matty has been around the tattooing industry for around 15 years.

He is a true all-rounder and can create anything you want.

Fine line work, black-and-share and Japanese art are his favourite tattooing styles. 

Our Piercers


Tony was only fifteen when he first pierced someone.

He has travelled the world and gained extensive knowledge from the Aboriginals of Australia to the Iroquois Indians of North America.

He offers a complete piercing service covering above and below the waist, pocketing, implantation and is always open to new ideas. 

Back Pain Specialist

Matt Parish

Matt is the man with the magic hands. He specialises in tackling back problems and joints issues.

He treats most aches and pains that life brings to the body’s super structure.

He has been manipulating people for over 15 years and you do not need a doctor’s referral to see him.

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